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Clinical Supervision

I supervise Professional Counselor Associates and Marriage and Family Therapist Associates who see children (age 3 & up), adults, families, and therapy groups. I am passionate about supervising clinicians of color and those working to provide queer and trans affirming care.

Individual Supervision is $150 per 60-minute session

Group Supervision is $75 per 90-minute session


Sofia Supervision Headshot.heic

My Approach to Supervision

Just like with our clients, your personal and professional growth as a clinician will flourish within the context of a trusting, encouraging relationship. In our work together I will at times act as a teacher, a counselor, and a peer consultant in order to facilitate your development. We will work collaboratively to build your clinical skills, confidence, and independence as you move towards licensure. Exploring your identities, and those of your clients, will be an important part of our process.


I love being a counselor educator and supervisor! Engaging in authentic, reciprocal relationships with early career clinicians is a meaningful and rewarding part of my professional identity. I delight in supporting you in your professional development, and take my responsibility seriously to monitor your practice and protect the welfare of your clients.


My clinical approach draws from Person-Centered Therapy and Existential Humanism, and is informed by a Multicultural and Feminist lens. My supervision approach is informed by the Discrimination Model, Relational Alliance Model, and the Multicultural Relational Model.

Locations of Self

I am a South Asian, cisgender woman of color. My parents are Muslim immigrants to the United States from Tanzania and India. I am a first-generation college student and a highly educated, middle class adult. I am currently able-bodied, currently in a smaller body. My role as a counselor educator, supervisor, and board member of the Oregon Board of Psychology means that I serve as a gatekeeper to the profession. 

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